Gucci Mane - Christmas Tree Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Christmas Tree Lyrics
[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
My wrist so rocky, I'm cocky
I wanna drag her for jockey
She wanna dig in my pocket
You move a gold digger in
Bitch will live in your wallet
You start out taking her shopping
She end up spend all your profit
I just fall, I don't call
She eat balls and the bitch bring broads
Don't get your feelings involved with dogs
Feed her to the wolves that'll hang with the boys
Sippin on oil, we got her spoiled
Rollin up guards got gas in jars
All my cars foreign
Sittin on 4's
Damn you gorgeous, what you on
She on molly, I'm on chron
We put lean all in the dime
Camoflauge foamposites on
80k on me and hun
Shittin on niggas I got the runs
Pissy jewelry, yellow charm
Baby dissin, why so frizzy
Need to sit out in the sun
PeeWee kiwi kush we blowin
Take your bitch that's what we on
Beat her up, RiRi Chris Brown
Diamonds dancin like James Brown
Pitch words like I'm on the mound
Baby know what I be on
I be in and out of time
I put my dick on her tongue

She turn me on, I'm a turn her on to me
And I turn her on, VVS all over me
Look at my arm, this Rolley got her feelin me
Don't turn me on, I'm lit up like a Christmas tree [3x]
She turn me on, and I got ice all over me
I turn her on, I'm lit up like a Christmas tree

[Verse 2: PeeWee Longway]
PeeWee Longway nasty ass
Hide that gas off in the past
Italian Stallion my watch rockin
VVS is my ear hockey
Longway Liberace
Karate chop the dope in huarache
Benihana eating steak and hibachi
Clap on, clap off, I'm rocking chandeliers
Pick ups, drop offs, I'm making drug deals
I got Christmas tree bells up making profit
On some crip shit, Longway blew the rastas
Sippin and spinnin still pourin up the codeine
Brick grip still coming down your chimney
Turnin me on and all now ya in the Remy
Blowin gas Mr. Lean with the white Remy
But rising diamond bars open, know you hear me
Super charged blue Hemi flyin down 20
Bought a Porsche just out the window, blue M&M
Can't stomach my bars, ain't as sick as him
I be hangin out with stars like with Bush and them
Stems crushin my cigars like we kushin them
One button, push start, doing tricks in them
I'm talkin foreign cars, A&G kit'd them
She turn me on, I had to turn her on to Juice and them
And OJ turned her ass on to Gucc and them, Longway


[Verse 3: OJ Da Juiceman]
Christmas tree glad jewelry
Sell chickens for Patrick Ewing
In the sky just like a bow
Kill em with the Murray and the Roley
I don't eat steak, eat ravioli
And you hot cause you ho done chose me
I'm a young nigga from the hood my nigga
Got these racks out the Bouldercrest corner
Texaco soldier
Deuces in the water
6's on my Charge, whip the dope a little hard
Try to see me a way, nigga better profit
Keep white just like a Nazi
Got gas, long dreads like a Rasta
Calamari shrimp type play pasta
Make moves just like I'm a mobster
Like a young nigga tryin to win an Oscar
Plug came and his first name Oscar
Gettin paid since I first start walking
I'm not poppin when I'm talkin
Young Juiceman trending topic
32 Entertainment
1017, how can we explain it


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