Gucci Mane - Cleopatra Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Cleopatra Lyrics
I unluckily was born in proverty
Outta no where year later they were starving here
I used to be a b+ at 15
When I was 17 I had a f*ckin m16
I'm in to deep by june 15th I had like 100 p's
40 keys X heroin methamphetamine
[?] better than a f*cking lamb
Junior lean bank account stretching like rubber beans
Rubber bands till some crazy rims are sipping fam
Right here in this city this vacinity
Don't pitty me pity the fool cause I'm like mr t
I gots to be with 2 or 3 diamond rings on at least
Diamond chain 200 a peice it's so hard to beat it
Not hard to see me she can see me she ain't blind at all
She said that you were too career man you to industry
She likes me cause I'm in the streets shes an amazing freak

She need a nigga with a fast car
That ass sits super right like cleopatra
This here might end in a disaster disaster
Like ceasar and cleopatra
This shit might end in a disaster disaster
She need a nigga with a fast car a fast car
That ass sits right like cleopatra cleopatra

Yes! opposites attract
Might not get her back
Off the rack
My itiner 'genda
Business stay up out my business
Said it like I lived it
Said it like I ment it
Niggas think I end it
But I just begined it
What you want a carpet
I am not a doormat
I f*ck you on the carpet
I ain't one to turn back
You look like a tender
Bet you like 22
Ain't no more than 24
Add a few loose a few
What you want to eat for dinner it don't even matter
What you want some snow crabs
I fly you to alaska
Yo-you should be my tender
This shit might end in bloodbath


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