Gucci Mane - Constantly Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Constantly Lyrics
[Intro - Chief Keef:]
What up?
You dry
Its 3 o'clock in the morning out here
How? Ah its 3 hour difference doe, never mind

[Interlude - Gucci Mane:]
You're running through my mind
I think about you all the time
You motivate my grind
You shine, I shine, we shine
What you've done to me
Girl come have some fun with me
What you want from me?
Please don't get scared
Don't run from me
Walking on the beach
And then my lil mama a freak
S-someday's I can't wait
Yeah we f*cking, constantly

[Hook - Gucci Mane:]
I'm a star, being humble now
Parking brand new car
Ballin' hard, like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
With my broad
Constantly crossing the country
Constantly getting the money
You niggas haten' constantly
But I don't take it personally
Thirty G's a verse from me
Your baby daddy work for me
And I am not ashamed to say
And I think about my family constantly

[Verse 1 - Chief Keef:]
Your friend constantly h
Hitting my phone! Constantly
These feds steady tapping my phone
Think they onto me
I be getting money, spending money, constantly
Continue to hate on me
I swear that shit don't bother me, aye!
Smoke OG no bubbly
And I smoke that shit constantly
I f*ck hoes constantly and I rock shows constantly
Baby why you joking, I don't play?
These niggas jokes I'm out of space and I'm a spade
Every time she whine, I'm like, "OK?"
I don't want to hear that shit, not today
Let me check my watch
24 in a day and its 12 up in my watch
Ain't no time to waste
Got some cake to make
She want to see me
I told that bitch another day!

[Hook - Gucci Mane]

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