Gucci Mane - Cuttin' Off Fingaz Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Cuttin' Off Fingaz Lyrics
Geah [echoes], Gucci [echoes]
Gucci Mane, LaFlare, yeah
(A lot of niggaz thought we couldn't have pulled it off Gucci)
(But, guess what, we here, we sellin units)
(We doin real big AND we eatin, the whole plate)
The whole f*ckin plate man; ain't no cuts on this shit man
Ain't no middleman in this shit, we want all the f*ckin money man
We get all the money, independent where it's at man
I'ma tell y'all independents like this
If you want the blueprint to this shit, watch Gucci Mane

Gucci overdooz it, does it, the boy's perfect
Neck piece flooded, it's color scattered and covered
I'm worth nine hundred God damn I spent a hundred
But that's rap money, when trappin that cash nothin
I'm internet surfin, tourin grillin and turfin
Speedboat racin, jet skiing and golfin
Crazy color Jordans, same color the ballin
Bitch I bet up on it, I'm rich my dear regardless
Shrimp scampi odor every time I flaunt chick
Trap nigga conversate, with a Harvard smart bitch
I'm young rich and heartless, put you on a carton
Cartoon jewelry customized by my artist
Six months locked, got a head start bitch
I was nigga rich befo' I ever got a rap check
Yellow Corvette same color Moet
Paid twenty grand just to get every stone set

Big black hollow tips that's what the sig spit
Hataz try me they'll get shot in the kidneys (blaow)
Dislodge bullets real fast what a chop' do (blaow)
I'm Gucci Mane, LaFlare, I tote a glock like a cop do
We don't talk to strangers, we cop bangers
Trappin at night man, it might get dangerous
But I'm from East Atlanta where they cuttin off fangaz
I'm from East Atlanta where they cuttin off fangaz!

I'm shittin on these rappers like I'm wearin a Pamper
I'm sittin on five hundred cause I got it together
Niggaz never try niggaz that set examples
I'ma eat a shawty sunnyside or the scramble
The port of Miami, to the streets of my 'lanta
The pinkie with the light stone match your encounter
I'm Gucci Mane, LaFlare, they call me Gucci Montana
I'm Boston, Georgia, Florida, Macon, Tampa and 'Bama
My Mississipi niggaz feel me harder than Banner
Haters see my video they switchin the channel
Gucci got pieces, shawty go get'cha camera
And Gucci time is money bitch, so go get it faster
Cause I could give a damn about your father's a pastor
Because I smoke your father then yo' ass is a bastard
Gucci smokin weed, so you know he's a hazard
Money's on my mind, bitches don't really matter


My money so big it can't fit in my matress
Devil bought the actress cause I signed with Atlantic
One fifty cursin while trappin in Spanish
Forty in my pocket turn yo' head to some Manwich
Boss of your boss man, I push the Porsches
My million dollar chain got me feelin important
Jumped off early and copped me a fort
Major moves with money like the (King of New York)
Gucci go and get it while them hoes get abortions
Shittin on a bitch, take a piss on they Jordans
Rappers want promotion, Gucci Mane want the package
The scale in the bag, bitch pay me on the back end
Hamiltons and Washingtons, Franklins and Jacksons
Trapper never trip, I just added the fractions
New bitch waggin, brand new mansion
And everything designer from my jeans to my glasses


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