Gucci Mane - Dope Boys Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Dope Boys Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
All I need is one mic all I need is one stove
Homie got a nice flow but gucci got that white coke
You ain't gettin the right dope, you knockin on the wrong door
Last nigga tried me let's just callem john doe
And since you short a dime homie then park me a old school
I fronted you, you ran off that's not what you're supposed to do
I'm gettin my tip fade cut pour the chris and flat show
Wish a nigga would run up on me like I'm bristol
Gucci mans a live watt
Try me like I'm yung berg and I'm a make yo eyes cry
Gucci like to drank and gucci like to smoke
And gucci on a rise while ya'll niggas goin broke
GUCCI! gucci mans a g, tell me sumthin I don't know
I got court in early mornin I don't really wanna go
I do this for the people cause I'm my brothers keeper
I don't fear you cause I'm parrapalegic, wheres my parralegal

See that house right there yea make a lot a money
Whos that knockin at the door
Probably a couple junkies
That coop ova there yea cost a couple hundreds
See my neighborhood is buckin tell my blood to keep it comin
Dopeboys, dopeboys with the dopeboys [x2]
What you wanna get homie hurry up and buy it
Dopeboys gone buy you gone get yo self supply

[Verse 2:]
I'm in my M6 beemer
This is no 645
Like a pigeon in the sky, I just shitted on your ride
So much weight off in my house, you would think it was a gym
Plus my nikes match my necklace and my necklace match my rims
I got court in early mornin I don't really wana go
Say I violated probation just because I blew my nose
Blew 300 on my rolce
200 more on the lamb
Million dollars on the crib
Car note, don't know what that is
Gucci, you don't know who that is
Mama that's just gucci man that my boy that's my partna
I'm gucci man biggest fan
Plus she don't know what that is
I'm with that I don't give a damn
If you think I give a f*ck you must do not know who I am, gucci


[Verse 3:]
Mirror Mirror mirror
Whos the realest in the game
Why you ask that stupid question
Boy you know that's gucci mane
East atlanta 6
You know how we roll
I just bought anotha chevy got it right back out the bowl
Tall stacks up in my closet I can't even see my clothes
And my belly get so big I can hardly see my toes
Got a car in my garage I have never ever drove
It's a door black on black phantom I call that bitch dorrough
If she going to the ladies room I guess I'll let her know
I got powder in my living room, so she don't have to stroll
A year ago today, I was sitting in my cell
Where you see yoself in 5 years
A so icey billionare


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