Gucci Mane - Drink It Straight Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Drink It Straight Lyrics
[Trey Songz:]
Tell em' what ya drinkin

Ta ta tellem what ya drinkin

Tell em what ya drinkin

Ta ta tell em what ya drinkin

I drink it straight
I drink it straight
E & J
I drink it straight
Got grey goose
Patron in my cup go mix that up

I drink it straight
Grand marnier
I drink it straight
Paul Masson
Hennensy in my cup go mix that up

Club nite jumpin
Maybe roll something
Later we humpin
Honey that's nothin
Somebody girlfriend in this party
Somebody stop me tha kid done got started
Somebody gonna get drunk this evenin
Gucci got street thug more than cleveland

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