Gucci Mane - Everybody Know Me Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Everybody Know Me Lyrics
Gucci Mane Big Cat

Growin up was real hard on my block
Cops and robbers I was never the cop
To be the cop was considered a joke
I'm the same lil' nigga that taught your brother to smoke

But now-a-days man I stay on the news
My every move is up on the tube
Whoever said bein a gangsta was easy
I got beef with BMF and I got problems with Jeezy

To be a gangsta is a full time job
A bad boy but I ain't Black Rob
The pays good but the hours are crazy
You disrespect me I'm a see ya degraded

I'm never scared but I'm thinkin ahead
Because they don't bury the scared man they bury the dead

I'm ex-con but I'm out on bond
Wave bye to the bad guys, Teflon Dons

Got my name in the paper and my face in the news
Gucci Mane, Lil'flare
Ev'rybody Ev'rybody know me
Ev'rybody know me nigga
Gucci mane, Lil'flare I'm a real OG (nigga) [x2]

Take it to the street nigga, let's go there
There ain't nothing 'tween us pussy nigga but air
But you better prepare 'fore you f*ck with the flare
I'll have you role round, frickin up with the chair

See I don't fight fair na I don't fight fair
Gucci Mane'll put that ass in intensive care
Matta fact if ya see me fight a grizzly bear, I suggest you help the f*ckin grizzly bear

Tha ain't no pussies ova here, na it's just Jeez
There ain't no time for no talk, nigga cock it and squeeze
Got these ho type ass niggas weak at the knees
Shoot two twenty-threes they'll chop down trees

Gucci Mane outta jail man, what I'm gonna do now
That Jeezy lil bitch ass thinkin out loud [x2]


You motha f*ckas must don't know who they mess with
I'm that outlaw wild wild west shit
I'm on that? two clipse ak'n'invest shit? (needs correction)
You mothaf*ckas must don't know who you f*ckin with

I'm not a kid, Gucci Mane full grown
So bring the choppers, leave the nines at home
And call the coppers cause I'm aimin for domes
I have ya call full backup on the phone

The franchise, but Gucci Mane ain't wearin no white tee
The niggas hate the fact that niggas so icy
But f*ck that, niggas don't gotta like me
Cause seein niggas shit'split in site of me

Pitchin be high off the weed like a kite be
I took ya bitch through my hood just to site see
I screen niggas so I stay on the skreet shit
And if there's drama then it's you I'm a deal with


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