Gucci Mane - First Song Back Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

First Song Back Lyrics
Flow chilly smoking on a dro philly
Car pretty whole city down with it
Mo millies competition oh really?
So silly to think that you can flow with me
Pink diamonds blue yellow black diamonds
White diamonds can't find the one to out shine me
Hood nigga hood hoes dream nigga
Mob figga and green grab twin triggers
Traped out your stash house is racked out
Stacked up I lost my count I blacked out
Xd out droed up and leaned out
The rolls out don't give a f*ck I cashed out
Zone 6 yea bitch I'm on my own dick
I run shit this my hood and I talk shit
Aye bitch you gotta slang like 10 bricks
Hit 10 licks to stand next to brick squad bitch
Bling bling jeweled up like a young king
So clean and the flow will make a hoe cream
Red beam pointed at you better not scream
I stack green my whole team by all means
Still drankin smoking weed that old stanky
Suicide doors on the rolls and the Lincoln
Bricksquad birck boys rich stars
I'm black cards a black truck with black bars
Red laces red bracelet fed cases
New places ain't tryna see no new faces
Hood living drug dealin thug women
F*ck prison we lean sip and still sippin
It's my world I f*cked her once shes my girl
Now your girl you bought all types of white pearls
Still talkin diamond necklace moon walkin
Hood flossin pull up in on my room auston
No fakes off days or lunch breaks
Blunt break then hit the booth in one take
I'm like mike the greatest I need 5 mics
And 5 dykes to sit next to me fight night
You heard right double backs yea the birds twice
I'm so shice might blow a dick the third price
I'm on go you want the ball like T.O
But can't blow cause you ain't got kno cash flow
Tatted up hand count ain't fast enough
Add it up 4 mill a hundred stash it up
Pool game 20 thousand dollars rack em up
You to lame too much game to pass it up

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