Gucci Mane - Freestyle (2054 Buck Rogers Shit) Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Freestyle (2054 Buck Rogers Shit) Lyrics
I keep kush like a Californin
That loud pak stankin like a bag a funyuns
That Loud pak have a nigga missin money
That strong purp I gets Royce to pawn it
Traps move coke, Starbucks moves coffee
I So Icey CEO so bitch get off me
My Girlfriend bossy but I'm her boss man
You working for the government like Mike Vick cousin
Juggalin, Juggin, jabbin and joggin
We keep that white girl I'm talkin Dolly Parton
X pills, xanax, and oxycontin
Lambos, mazis, and Aston Martins
You steppin on my reds ma beg ya pardon
Ya didn't say sorry bitch what's the problem
So Icey jack boys what to rob him
But how a jack boy gonna rob a robba
I got more protege than a lot of mazdas
The So Icey boys betta call the coppas
Choppas, helicopters and partnas
Good weed Cali, crabs and lobsters
I seen this bitch I told my dog to watch her
So thick I told my dog to sick her
X pills, iring, kush and liquor
Zaytoven turn this thing up a little
I goin I done stepped it up a little
It's snowin, So icey make it rain a drizzle
I'm focused ain't one of these average niggas
Alligator, croc, gator chinchilla
Shawty on the radio but I don't fell um
But if he say my name then he might fall a victim
So why in the club Gucci's with him
Cause Gucci gives a f*ck
Gucci keep a pistol
Now as the dope bubbles and the cocaine sizzles
Shawty took a line it gave her ass the shivers
I gave her a skittle now she got the giiggles
I gave her two more now she sucked my pickle
I'm with her now with a million pills
If 12 hit this door we gettin a trillion years
I drink rozay, cris and beer
Gotta brick, gotta brick in my ring and ear
So Icey trap scholar 08 the year
My jewelry lights up like L.A. Gear
And if they pull this Hummer over I'm a get the chair
Stash spot Brick thucked down and every where

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