Gucci Mane - Gone And Tell Dat Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Gone And Tell Dat Lyrics
[Chorus: x2]
50 bird stat
50 purp bags
O u a snitchin nigga(pussy)
Well gone and tell dat(pussy)
My niggas mail dat
I'm bustin out da boxs
I'm workin with da tools
I'm workin with da block

[Verse 1:]
100 birds, heap of pills, n alot of work
I toke da pills, smoke da purp, but I sold da work
Old skool cool but I'm n my new vert
No top, no gurlfriend, no shirt
No friend cause my best friend den turned snitch
Tried snitchin out I'm talkin 2 hit main bitch
5 glocks, 2 pumps n a lot of K's
U f*ck around n b da 4th tear on my face
Ball player money cause I make big plays
20 grands, 500 grand eeryday
Catch n da 6
U wanna buy a brick
I pay 16 I'll charge u 26

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
We don't walk it out(nope)
So icey trap it out(dope)
Bankhead bouncin million 2 my bank account
Check my paper route
I'll take her out
Probably ice her out
But I'm a kill her mouth
See I'm from da Crest n dats n da south
N I been a king
Betta shut yo mouth
I'm your favorite trappa favorite killer
It'z Gucci Mane LaFlare u kno I'm f*ckin with ya
N I'm trappin with ya
I'll git it 2 ya
Goon servin, curb servin I'll git it 2 ya
Gotta Mexican, I can work a pan
Say wat u luv Gucci

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
Rent out a lite mane, go rob a dice game
Go rob da dope mane, n buy a lite mane
Step up yo ice game
Still servin white lame
I'm servin blocks mane
Now servin ya'll mane
Aww dats yo boss mane
U work 4 dat lame
I'm 6 cKars, 10 chains, 12 earring
Still got my Jacob watch but customized my brightlen
How much it cost
It cost AR-15
So Icey Ent. we tatted like a bike gang
No shirt n da club let my chain swang
So Icey Boys n we rockin like a rock band
Gucci Mane save money like a white mane

[Chorus x2]

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