Gucci Mane - Half A Brick Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Half A Brick Lyrics
Juice Juice
Half a brick Half a brick
Zaytoven Zay-teezy
So Icy Entertainment
Nigga this trap shit rap shit don't stop my nigga!

Quarter brick
Half a brick
Whole brick (AYYY)

Quarter pound
Half a pound
Whole pound (OKAYY)

Hundred pillz
Thousand pillz
Servin major weight
Juice mane and gucci mane
Make the trap (AYYY)

[Verse 1:]
The twerk in
Birds in
So we workin (WORK)
Pack in
The truck stop
The trailor back in (WORK)
We big flip jug we towed it off the fork lift
The way my plug kick it
You would have think he had black belt
My scale so big
Big boy can wiegh his damn self
2000 pounds of mid
I sold that shit my damn self
Washer full of cash
Dryer full of x pills
Red rag in my pocket
Same color my vet is
My number lower than an SA from Texas
A quarter mil in the met is an investment
A sniper rifle like a solider in the desert
A eagle army boy I'm known to tow the desert
I saved a ounce up
Before I sold a record
He wanna brick
I told em meet me by the chapter
I sacked a pound up
Before I sold a record
He wanna bet
I told him meet me by the chapter

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
I'm boomin (AYYY)
I'm buckin (AYYY)
I'm servin all da babies (OKAYYY)
Rap game easy
But the dope game gravy
Young juice man
My life is like the jakin
With stupid fruity
Crazy sweat
Jumpin in yo lady
Bannana gum chevy
Interior like the lakers
Lebron james wrist
When I'm f*ckin with dat cake up
Hit da trap
Stay down
Watch the paper wake up
Boomin out the house
And js askin for a wake up
Half a brick whole brick
Got me buyin jacob
Wearin shoes
Walkin in the head of N O gator
Half a brick whole brick
Got me buyin jacob
Wearin shoes walkin in the head of N O gator

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
Young juice man
Got damit I'm da shit (AYYY)
Boomin off da chain
Workin with 50 bricks (OKAYYY)
Thousand pound bell
Tryna make a mega grip (DAMNN)
Posted on the crash with dat 45 on my hip (AYYY)
34-34 tucked behind my hip (OKAYY)
7 60 dog
With that extra lip (AYYY)
Follow tool dunk dog
With da extra kid (SKURR)
I got that stupid band
Cause I got that stupid whip (AY)

[Chorus x2]

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