Gucci Mane - Hasta La Vista Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Hasta La Vista Lyrics

[Chorus 2x:]
I pull up in my new car, fly by ya screamin' hasta la vista
Bon voyage, all you pussies, see you later haters
Sayonara til tomorrow peep some gucci flavor

Juss like ten pounds of bubble kush I got green to burn
I'm like a lil boy last in line, I cant wait my turn
I'm so f*ckin' iced up like Flock I give 'em hell
Your whole label started rappin' since I came from jail
We juss Soprana grand piano keys cuz I'm the boss
Marciano Rocky flow, I never lost
I got styles that stretch for miles, my repertoire
I cant picture, read words so vivid, cuz I cant draw
Juss like a choppa over the precient, I'm above the law
And every whip come's with a chauffeur I don't drive the car
Yeah I'm the hottest, yeah buy the lots
Signed on the dot, and you got it
Bricksquad the party, my rhyme's mallati

[Chorus til fade]

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