Gucci Mane - Hell U Talking Bout Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Hell U Talking Bout Lyrics
[Hook: Young Thug]
I ain't playing no way, I got bands (hell you talking about)
No [?] I'm the man (hell you talking about)
Them bricks right here wrapped in saran (hell you talking about)
Hundred bands my motherf*cking pants (hell you talking about)
Hell you talking bout, hell you talking bout, hell you talking bout
Hell you talking bout, hell you talking bout, hell you talking bout
Hell you talking bout, hell you talking bout, hell you talking bout
Hell you talking bout

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
You ain't talking about nothing, got a whole lot of birds
He ain't got that thing, he a mahf*cking nerd
He a mahf*cking [?] I'm mahf*cking turned
I'm a cash out on your bitch and she'll mahf*cking slurp
Put my dick inside your drawers I'm all on
I'm a kush rushing working dog
Let my [?] tear down her wall
I'm a goddamn motherf*cking boss
I got goddamn motherf*cking sauce
She ain't not goddamn motherf*cking shark
But she got goddamn motherf*cking jaws
Alphabetical order, I got hoes in alphabetical order
I ain't scream but I got to slaughter her
And if the bitch bad I might daughter her, you dig


[Verse 2: PeeWee Longway]
OG gas bag I'm loaded down in cash
TIP trying to whip some forgis got them showing my ass
Got two hard on my dash I smash
Baby say she want cash for this
You ain't talking about nothing baby Longway'll pass
I'm the man in my town [?] like Bobby Brown
I'm Molly Santana Brown [?] in my rollie
Like Patrick Swayze there's a round
Tip toes I'll stay down
I ain't f*cking around with your ass
Two guns I'm doubled down put the F&N on your ass
If you still talking about friendship I ain't f*cking around
All that [?] you a rooster now they ain't around
No I don't want to hit that I smoking out the pound
Nah girl I don't want to hit that you a nat-nat now


[Verse 3: Takeoff]
Talking about pounds and bricks, I speed off with [?]
Talking about cooking and wrapping and flipping them chickens my nigga you trippin'
Nigga we all know you snitching
Thinking you gon' catch me slipping
I post on the block I'm selling the rock
I see the feds I'm jumping the fences
Back to the trap thinking like damn what the f*ck these niggas plotting
I feel the trap spot is hot I look out the window I knew these niggas plotting
Helicopter's on top, SWATs around my house
No [?] but it's going done, can't flush it too many pounds


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