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Here We Go Again Lyrics
Here We go Again [x2]
Woke up in the mornin' and I bought a benz
Here We go Again [x2]
Woke up in the mornin' and I bought a benz
Here We go Again [x2]
Woke up in the mornin' and I bought a benz
My country boys just left and theyll come back again
He just bought six next time he buyin ten
Here We go Again [x2]
Your girl keep callin then she bout to call again
She knockin at the door I'm bout to let her in
Here she go again we bout to f*ck again

[Verse 1:]
I got a mansion in missouri
Gucci man u trippin'
I got 70 worth of jewelry
Gucci is u really serious?
All these girls are curious
[? ]
Diamonds on they periods
50 thou my earrings
I don't wanna listen to it
I don't wanna hear it
Tell ya mother listen to it
Tell ya bitch to hear it
30 bricks are plenty good
Bet my bitch a do it
Think I should or should I not?
I'm a truly do it
Yea I got a sweet connect [? ]
Mexican assassin try to disrespect me [? ]
I'm deep in [? ]
I'm beepin [? ]
[? ]
Woke up this mornin and bought another foreign [? ]


[Verse 2:]
Once a friend not a friend then a friend once again
Can't pretend we grown men must defend once again
Once again behind tinted windows on some rims
In the wind with the trail rims are big tires are thin
I do ya girl like a convicts first day up out the pen
Every night is a movie but my mornins' begin like
Las Vegas I go again
Ten thousand I make this ten
Eight thousand on six to eight
I make or break I play again
Lambo lot I go again
What the f*ck I want this time?
Yellow lamb with yellow rims
Winter time wear yellow tims
Come out here well go again [? ]
20 thousand dollars in
F*ck it order ten more thousand
Then midnight come back thru again [? ]
It's Gucci


[Verse 3:]
It's this girl named Nicole who I know since like ten
Has a major crush on me but I can't be her man
We were flurtin after junior high playin like some kids
When out of nowhere she kissed the lips of the kid
Now Nicole is a lady somewhere someone want to have
But her and the kid [? ]
I would walk the other way when Nicole would cross my path
Cause I know what she would say and I could'nthelp but to laugh
She would ask me for a date and somethin she would love to have
Me take her to the [? ] so we can do it bad
Sorry Nicole baby but look u don't have a chance
I got 10 grand in every pocket that's the battle of the band [? ]
I'm the man


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