Gucci Mane - Hot! Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Hot! Lyrics
I got the stove on, and get the pie... hot
It's fin' to get hot
So put your mask on, and lick some shots... hot
It's fin' to get hot

[Gucci Mane:]
Man the whip gon' be a cold summer
Ice on my Bentley so that means I got a cold stormer
(YEAHHH!) And my watch it cost a cool hundred
Ch'all cost me two hundred flexin with the new money
Brr - got that don't know what to do money
Put it in the 7, got my old school lookin too funny
Hahaha, and this paint job cost a cool twenty
Gotta watch my 2 junkies, burnin on that good chronic
Huh? A flat 40 and my rim Mikey
Try to CEO I leave you flunky like a damn donkey
Geah, I hope you heard what I just said homey
Thought you were my dog 'til that nigga put the fes on me
So nigga go and tell on me
I'm a get this bread homey, I ain't never scared homey
Huh? Hope you heard what I just said homey
You can go and tell on me, I'm a get this bread homey


[Gucci Mane:]
In the club on that good burnin
Shorty smokin weed but it smellin like that wood burnin
Stop! In Magic City on a good Monday
Got it rainin good money, hoes make it good for me
Go go go, I told lil' momma what she could do for me
Shorty kept it hood, lil' momma out here catchin jewels for me
I told my flunkie need to see somethin
Shorty she don't ride but she took G down to the 10 for me
Uhh, and I let her get it in for me
Comin through the outfit right now strapped down with them things for me
Uhh, and that girl know how to spend money
Baby want that real money, show you how to lay in money
(Yeahhh!) I told her all I do is cash hundreds
Lookin like that cash money, out here makin fast money
Uhh, but nigga if you trick your last money
If you trick your last money, nigga you a damn dummy


[Gucci Mane:]
I hit the club, gon' leave my car runnin
Why you leave your car runnin? I'm just gon' be five minutes
(Zoom) Man I pull me about 9 women
It did take me 9 minutes, but I needed 9 jimmies
(Yeahhh!) Make these girls grant all my 9 wishes
All you player haters need to get the f*ck out my bid'ness
Uhh, man I think I got 'bout 9 Hemmes
9 millimeter on me and he got the 9 for me

[Chorus x2: to fade]

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