Gucci Mane - How We Rockin Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

How We Rockin Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
When the fish tell it, out of Atlantic City
And a car that cost a half a millie
Trying to turn up too quick
This spilled drink on my dick
Bad bitch, on my right side, she flip it
Damn you got some pretty titties
And I love when she call Guwop big poppa
Cause we f*cking all night like Kim and Peggy
Double cup of that candy
Got a quarter pound of that good keef
... brain on her pussy
And now her pussy sticky
We just came back from Italy
And the feds said they want to come get me
But I'm feelin like big Micci
... still go clean like
See my girl she was keeping two c's on it
Her dollar card got two b's on it
Plus all my cars got ounce on em
But my lil boy's car got e's on it
Your cd ain't got nothing on it
Bought your cd, just to roll weed on it
Your girl told me you ain't got nothing on me

That's how we rocking [x3]
He drove up in Versace, shawty got some mans
That's how we rocking [x3]
He keep a chopper with him again
That's how we rock it [x3]
Bitch you so bad I don't care what I'm gone spend
That's how we rockin [x3]

[Verse 2:]
This how we rocking, these hoes be jogging
This how we rocking, bottles keep on popping
This how we rocking, I take you shopping
This how we rocking, had a trap house on the dead end
I know you scared then, I bust you head in
They said that Gucci man was broke, I told em nigga when
Cause I was trapping on my house when I was only ten
You say you beat then come see me I got that downright then
And I would killer, killer, killer, kill again
I told the feds that they lookin at a killer man
My momma called me told me Gu-op you a wanted man
I told her Gu-op ain't here, pop I got a plan


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