Gucci Mane - Hurry Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Hurry Lyrics
Gucci Gucci Gucci Gucci Gucci Gucci Gucci

[Verse 1:]
Gucci got a warrant how da f*ck I get subpoenaed?
Objection what's the objection your honor I'm a genius
13 years old got my jordans in da cleaners
Like lil scrappy rockin fila's
In the club showin off like tila (Gucci)
Black and white chain in da libra like a zebra
This not your everday ordinary f*ckin beemer
Dis is no part of da seven dis a moss one cost a mean one got my top back for my grandma got my beater for aaliyah
It's me and my money and my diamonds man we a trio
And no disrespect to ne-yo
But this gucci mane da sosa
And my albino testarossa
Bout da color of the ocean
It's gucci mane da flare
And my bank account is rollin is you rollin

House game Thursday
Tuesday's early
Love showin love so my nigga count lovely
12 dollar cursin momma don't worry me my plug showin love so it's gone in a hurry yea yea it's gone in a hurry mr.white bottle same color as my jewerly(yea well damn) yea it's gone in a hurry love showin love man twelve's don't discourage me

[Verse 2:]
911 emergency gucci makin currency
Somebody call the ambulance I think my flow been burgulary
Dis track has been murderin
Who you calling murder
The only thang I'm killing is yo mutherf*ckin girl jaw
Smoking on dat fruity dro
Girl you look like keyshia cole
I know you a dick pulla
But can't f*ck you Blood Raw
Damn I like dem kinky flows
28 I'm young bitch
All white diamond vvs white diamond bricks

Get back boy ole national
Two unrashnal hood hoez
Two ducesz with two koolist
It's gucci gucci gucci stupid
Spent 280 for my hu-la hoop
0 8 with out the juices
Wanna steal it he can keep he can keep I don't need

[Chorus x2]

Back like I never left
Left like I never slept
Check out dis stupid check

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