Gucci Mane - I Get Money Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

I Get Money Lyrics
I got me a new hoe
Ol ass bart chain they call em the new dough
Got me a 2 seater got me a 4 door
Million dolla nigga but I need a lot mo'
Dj clue
He spinning my record
Ya never seen a storm come thru the dessert
Gucci mane La Flair man it get so hot
Blue and white jake, it's the dope man watch
It's Atlanta 6 it's the dope man block
I get money I get
Near dope man not I get money like this
Then the kid is cocky
I leave em at the floor then they callin me rocky, ha
How would u like dat
Gucci Mane La Flair man the kid is back
I'm, I'm, I'm like good crack
I go right back like new ink pass
It's Gucci
And ya know it's truely
I fought with Coogi
A dawn to Luli
The boy go crazy the boy go stupid
I hit you in yo head and I cop yo coofey
I'm lyin in ma bed and ma bed is Roofless
I hit u in yo mouth now yo ass is toothless
It's Gucci Mane La Flair if u don't know bout me
I'm the C.E.O nigga I'm so Icy

Dj Clue in this muthaf**ka Yeaa
Clue tooth these niggas
We get money nigga
I won East Atlanta nigga
Ya know me nigga
It's Gucci Mane nigga
Ya see me
Bosses cut chain cost me 150*, 000
Gucci Mane La Flair and I rap so quickly
Shawty shawty
These lawyers did get the 40 40
And I f*ck with the Cigg
Get the pump and da cake man
U know I don't play
It's Gucci Mane La Flair from way back in the day
In the Black T-Robin
Now I might be on a pill, might be on 2 or 3
Pull up in a Ace-2
With a Freaky girl
Me and Dj Clue we around the world
We Icy Icy
Hot and pricey
Known that these other rappers say they don't like me
It's raising the Atlantic
Made a million dollars when I signed with Atlantic
Made another mill now them haters can't stand me
I'm so Hot I be trapping in spanish

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