Gucci Mane - Intro Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Intro Lyrics
Nigga turn up
Gucci world nigga
It's Guwop
Zaytoven, Cut it up, Sean
Ugh... Trap House, Bunkin, Trap House Mansion
Yea, Right on Flat Shows, Exedus, Parts UnKnown F*ck Nigga

I'm pouring 4s in shit I need to just put a deuce in
Car cost 400 thousand I put a roof in
My nigga pot cooking so go he put his shoe in it
Nigga it's a gangsta party why the f*ck is you in it
Head buster microwave shit they taking too many
You know that it's some straps in the club they let my crew in
I might just do the Michael Vick dance and cook it left hand
If you ain't talking bout buying grams then I'm a deaf man
I can make the dope do numbers that's Stacy Oppman
I told my bitch to dye her hair red like Dennis Rodman
If Gucci Mane got so much money then why he robbing
We thirty deep we cover the street nigga we mobbing

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