Gucci Mane - Its Not A Day Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Its Not A Day Lyrics
[Hook: Verse Simmonds]
It's not a day that goes by
That I don't wanna look in your eye
Girl you so fine, I might try
To f*ck around and lick you dry
It's not a day that goes by
That I don't wanna look in your eye
Girl you know you got that fye
If you don't give it to me I'll die

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
She so fine it'll make you cry
Make you smile, even make you lie
Make me cum and I don't know why
Got me acting dumb and I don't know why
Some say I'm sprung and I'm young
And I'm dumb, full of cum
I'm a fiend, you the drug
I'm high
Baby so fly, [?]
Baby drive,
I'm too drunk to drive
Sliding down Ocean Drive
Driving a Lambo like New Jersey [?]
There's two freaks inside
Pull up in a [?] suicide
I propose a toast
Got a bitch so bad I wanna boast
"Bae let's get sum to smoke"
Everywhere I go my youngin wanna go
She wanna go
The hoes with the most from coast to coast
A whole brick just a host
Baby let's elope
I buy you a stone bigger than a cantaloupe
Girl you dope as cancer smoke
And I think I'm a overdose


[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
I'll be a lie, if didn't say that you fly
And I ain't lying
Louie carrier, carry on bag,
When we flying
I'm supplying all this shit I'm buying
I can keep you high
Private jet, I'm passing Kush out to the pilot when we flying
Ferrari jet, you my copilot when I wanna drive
I do the [?], then you do the [?]
Let's take a ride
You got that wet wet
That water slide, and I wanna slide
We smoking jet fuel
The Kush came in darker this time
And hit from behind
And damage the [?]
And she came and I came in
That's perfect time
That pussy wet, man it's too wet
It got me sliding
I'm a vet
Got a a mean chick
But shawty riding


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