Gucci Mane - Jugg House Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Jugg House Lyrics
Young Chop on the beat
Your time Scooter, turn up

[Verse 1: Young Scooter]
My life is a jugg, my momma, she jugg
I own the word jugg, juggs got me fooled
Rest in peace to Lante, he died making the jugg
Free my nigga, Tay, he made sure, the whole hood good
I met my nigga Gucci Mane, I was making the jugg
They gave me jugger of the year cause I jugg so good
You can't jugg, jugg-man, I cut off your hand
I'll jugg you out your bands, and switch phones on your ass

I woke up in Juggland, what a great feeling
House full of Mexicans, nothing but drug dealing
Mi casa su casa Vato!, that's a jugg house
RIP Griselda Blanco, that's a jugg house
100 kilo, thank the chapo, that's a jugg house
We got 18 carat fully autos at the jugg house
Jugg house, jugg house

[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
Mi casa su casa brotha
No bother cook powder brotha
We mix work like Spinderella
Black brick, white brick, salt and pepper
Yellow Maz and mozzarella
Shook house push three tons a day
While Molly sayin' who wanna get, we on the street but on the beat
Ran off on him I used my feet, Atlanta Hawks, Miami Heat
These Christian Lubs cost thirty-three
That's thirteen times your twenty-three
I still can cook the dope, remember the shit just like the A-B-C's
A-B-C, nigga, 1-2-3 - that 3-2-1 with a M-16


[Verse 3: Fredo Santana]
Billion everyday, everyday's a jugg house
Juggin' everyday, gotta meet my plug
Hit the trap up, make sure my work is good
Run off with that work, get left in the woods
Finessin' you out your work, get robbed in my hood
Drivin' real dirty tryna make a couple juggs
30's and F-Ns all under my hood
Got my money all in my pocket
You reach for it I'm poppin'
Ballin' like those stuntin, shooters with me, they thirsty
They ain't miss shit, they murkin'
They hittin' shit on purpose
I'm with Guwop, Scoot, and niggas nervous
Hoes see my horses, your bitch want me, can't afford it
Kill a nigga for my fortune, your bitch want me, can't afford it
I'll kill a nigga for my fortune
300 shit man


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