Gucci Mane - Laundry Mat Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Laundry Mat Lyrics
Three bands
I'll send it to your front doorstep

[Hook: Waka Flocka Flame]
Shooting dice in the laundromat
Gangsters back
F*ck nigga I'm shooting back
Bad bitch with me
And you know her ass is fat
Boksburg pussy nigga
I'm parking that
Bricksquad Monopoly(Squad!)
Shawty that's my company
I'm buying property
Bitch I'm from the corner niggaknowlogy
14 years old
Bet that young nigga kill for me

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
Real nigga handle business
Benz with the tented windows
Bricksquad CEO
Rolex presidential
All my verses monumental
I'm a legendary nigga
Canary yellow diamond bracelet
Try to rob, I'll kill a nigga
Latino plug
Don't speak no English
When we talk
We use a finger
Jumping like it's Blake Griffin
You can say I'm water whipping
In my Rolls Royce riding
Looking for some competition
When it comes to confrontation
Empty all the ammunition
Balling out
You penny pinching
Cooking dope in momma's kitchen
Hide the bells off in the ceiling
Vacuum seal a half-a-milli
Thousand pounds of midget dick
F*ck it I'm just reminiscing
Million dollars worth of cap
Two days I'm a damn magician


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