Gucci Mane - Lots Of Cash Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Lots Of Cash Lyrics
I gets lots of cash [x14]
If you don't like it kiss my ass

[Verse: Gucci Mane]
I got lots of bags I got lots of cash I got lots of swag girl I'm all about a sack I jus got a pack that stupid crazy threat I mite smoke this whole pound I mite not sell a sack I'm all about the racks I'm default in this kush cloud baby hold that blunt down don't let them see what's lick a million dollars spent I'm gilla Gucci iced down I'm in my trap house right now I'm tryna make it back them east atlanta cats they don't know how to act we all about that cash so we all about the tax we'll give yo ass a cigarette to charge you for the max dished out on the power plus we make up with the crack I got cash at my house so I wake up with my cash I'm sleeping with my chopper cause living with the sack let's say we the future and you bring Gucci a check don't be surprise I tear the check and slap you with a stack Gucci


[Verse: Yo Gotti]
I get lots of cash brown paper bag I just left the lot I got paper tags I didn't financed cause I just bought a cab I got that new jag I didn't mean to brag 20's on ther front and 22's on the back I get alot of coca make it past 2 once I hit it with a soda european swag europeco jeans these 1500 what the f*ck a nigga mean shades 450 Gucci boots like a grand soul food got it all I do is cook yams


[Verse: Rocko]
Achoo pardon me I sneeze cash did a show in japan japanese cash on my way to italy overseas cash I got tunnel vision homey all I see is cash now I'm back in sicilia catch me in sicily I take cash every where I go cash can't get rid of me I'll race you to the cash I got road rage me and my cash engaged we so amazed never be without the cash I keep it in the back even when I go to bed my cash in my lap I got old cash I call it 90's cash that down and dirty way before I had that honest cash that 92 cash that's that curve cash that money watch it fly that's that bird cash 22 black thread that's that crap cash the 1's 5's and 10's that's that trap cash come on


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