Gucci Mane - Making Money Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Making Money Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
God damn a little boy got M's
On my wall lives 100 eggplants
They say you got money, nothing else matters
But two things nigga, family matters most
I got money and I smoke, smoke, smoke
I pray to god I don't ever go broke
I ain't never ever stopped selling dope
And I'll never stop buying mink coats
My girl [?] got a pink diamond choker
Yellow diamond necklace costa [?]
She got a walk kinda slow cause she's a meal ticket
I only f*ck with bad bitches, Gucci real picky
I got a city bitch, a country bitch, turn me up a lil bit
I gave you a lot of it, y'all ain't seen the half of it
I got 30 squares, pussy nigga do the math of it
I got good aim, pussy nigga Gucci accurate

Imma keep making money, Imma keep making money
Imma keep making money, Imma keep making money
Imma keep making money, Imma keep making money
Imma keep making money, Imma keep making money
You keep making comics, Imma keep making commas
You keep making cockpits, but I keep making commas
Money don't make you real, but I really do got money
You keep chasing pussy, and I keep chasing money

[Verse 2:]
Can't stop me nigga, can't block me nigga
Better chill, sit back and just watch me nigga
Getting so much top might top that nigga
Imma open up shop, come shop young nigga
Been Guwop, let's shootout nigga
Tell the f*ck nigga up to 2Pac nigga
She sleep in my bed and she give me good head
But she still worrying bout what the bitch gon say
Still saying Imma get rich one day
Imma get money every goddamn day
Broke ass niggas can't get no date
In the club, singing out, shawty swing my way
Money will talk like a high top fade
I'm a rich kid, baby who wanna come play?
At the club live on a Sunday, screaming out free my nigga Fortre
Sir Mixalot, my [?] are on broadway
Serve bricks a lot, I got so much yay
She a filthy bitch, she got a filthy twat
I can tell that the bitch sucks dicks a lot
I started off a nick bag, ran it up to a big bag
Never friends with a shitbag, get glad or get mad


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