Gucci Mane - Mo Money Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Mo Money Lyrics
(feat. Yo Gotti)

[Intro/Chorus: Gucci & Yo Gotti]
Who Got Mo Money, I Got money... nah
I Got Mo Money Nah I Got Mo Moneyyyyy Gucci Mane and Yo Gotti

[Gucci Mane:]
An I got mo money,
My stash house funky from them stankin' ass hunnies,
The bank jus gave me 80 geez in all loose 20's,
I never seen a quarter mill this GOD DAMN SKINNY, (Gucci)
Big bank roll no 20's no 50's,
This watch right here is like a S550.
My white wrist remind me of a beamer 760,
So Icey Entertainment all the goons are ridin' with me,
We 50 deep an in the club an everybody gettin,
Chain set chicken... bring a whole brick in,
Rims 8 blocks and the rims is 36's,
East Atlanta 6 man, say hi to the brickman,
Say bye to ya bitch man, she done seen my wristband,
She done seen my wristband now she wanna be my bitch man.
Yea I got the x man, Soft White, Snow White, Bricks Man,
Point Me To The Kitchen, Gucci Do The Dishes. Gucci


[Yo Gotti:]
I got fast money, brown paper bag money.
Coca leaf plant, Marijuana grass money.
I got high money, dat don't lie money.
1996 duck FBI money.
Slim you betta tell em', got that cash money.
1 comma 0 0, 0 WHEW,
Zero's be a goin, my hood still be snowin.
What type a nigga drop half a mill on a charm.
This that lick money, took bricks money.
Shoot a stack bet anotha stack I hit money.
YO GOTTIII!... I got show money.
Ten stacks a pop, you ain't got mo money
I'm liven in a dome, I'm ridin in a home.
Sometime I hit that kush, it puts me in a zone.
My money long, my club strong.
They keep gettin bricks, an I keep gettin gone.

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