Gucci Mane - Mr. Perfect Intro Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Mr. Perfect Intro Lyrics
If u ever kum 2 east atlanta ask ne body is gucci gangsta still? my top with da touch of my finger
So iced out I kant talk 2 stangers da bible say jesus born n a manger lord bury me n east atlanta
Mr perfect I'm mor dan a rapper valcum sealer sour n wrapper I'm not your average artist
I'm perfect hundred I'm flawless I'm wilt cham baby I'm da ballers baller I hit her quit her split her
Prolly won't call her baller me nd your team r brawlin beefin sum1s gunna c a coufin beats like
Dis dey dnt give me dat often I sip codine cough syrup I'm cougin ceo shit y u broke nd shit
Mr perfect I got boats of shit bbs watches nd roast nd shit so icey entertainment we stankin rich
I luv my stankin bitch she luv my dirty draws I give her dirty dick lord take my soul if my die dnt wake
Please take my breath if I turn fake I'm a birthday boy bitch I got cake birthday cake baby fix my plate
Mr perfect girls feed me grapes (truly) 1 take shawty dis took 1 take monday I did it on my off day
Gucci mane la flare I'm so boshae tushae wrist so u dnt say gucci swing your dick my way
I will I dnt pop pills no mo still got dem 4 da lo lo dnt make me smoke dro no mo got new gones
My new gones mor cut throat nd I'm married 2 dat white bitch we just eloped cold chain
Bout 2 baby cocaine floats droppin 2 da bottom grams I add mor I'm gram gs I give da jays wat dey pay
For go go get way from me I'm so icey entertainment p o s s den I say g u c c I m a n e la flare
U dun heard bout me I'm mr perfect perfect I am gucci mane mr perfect I am wilt chamberlin
Chain swangin ya'll danglin hard dangaling pinky dangaling I'm blangin

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