Gucci Mane - My Own Worst Enemy Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

My Own Worst Enemy Lyrics
[Chorus: Gucci Mane]
I'm my best friend,
And I'm my worst enemy,
And no one else can hurt me unless I let them,
Is you feelin me,
And misery loves company and I had my share of misery,
No mystery, my infamy got me in hip hop history,
First Tupac died then Biggie died,
And that greatly impacted me,
Then history repeated itself through me and I make history,
(It's Gucci)
So I don't turn around no more
I look at what's in front of me,
I'm focused on the future cause yesterday is history,

[Verse 1:]
A hard head makes a soft ass
Didn't your mother teach ya that,
Pick a spot to beef with me and that's where I will meet ya at,
Well let me check my schedule,
I'm free Tuesday 3 weeks from now,
You bring your crew I bring my crew,
Just pick a town that's out of town,
Zone 6 is my stomping ground
But I guess you know that by now,
But everywhere you go you hear me,
That's why your upset right now,
... phantom... but I'm in my vette right now,
I raped the game without a rubber bank account
So pregnant now,
The day they tried to murder me a day I can't forget about,
And I don't wish no death on homie,
Just want him to hear me out,
Think about the past and all the many things we talked about,
Think about all the people influenced by what comes out our mouth,


[Verse 2:]
I am not the perfect person,
Me don't spit the perfect verses,
I wouldn't hurt a girl on purpose cause I feel they don't deserve it,
I admit my words can hurt, I dissed tiny she didn't deserve it,
Our song didn't interpret it right and I'm sorry for it,
T.I many times encouraged, told me face the game with courage,
Clay me some great advice and still today I thankful for it,
Me, Jeezy and T.I share one thing in common (all opposed?),
Role model to young people tho at times man we still ignore it,
And y'all gon owe respect to me and I don't like apologies,
Just diss me till you satisfied,
I swear it doesn't bother me,
Sticks and stones will break my bones and bullets won't reflect off me but words and insults only show the World how ya'll respectin me,


[Verse 3:]
All my homies ain't my homies,
Hell, my friends no longer want me,
I'm still hungry as I was when I did my first live performance,
Things I got I know they want it,
Things I done, they haven't done it,
Tho they say that they my friends
I know that these n-ggas opponent
We can joke and laugh and party
But I know their smiles are phoney,
But I still pray that the Lord give em all the things they wanted,
All the money in the World can't get the joy I'm felling homie,
Like the [? ] with a woman like you and not for your money,
You can help someone and love someone but still they turn and burn you so hard,
Want you and revenge watch out cause so called friends,
... and [? ] said it best man will I ever know who my friends through thick and thin cause so called friends will turn to foes.


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