Gucci Mane - Nonchalant Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Nonchalant Lyrics
Now my watch so f*ckin' bright
It look like sunlight in the night
I shit on rappers, I shit on atheletes
Me and Floyd should book a fight
I'm a sight to see for sho so your hoe should book a flight
Versace frames so call me forbes
I done f*cked every hoe I like
I'm so charming all these tinted chains
I didn't even wear a charm
She like Bentley braclets what's that on your arm
You didn't have to speak offensive cause my watch is so expensive women get so damn defenseless
They love me like its lil christmas
I'm young active and attractive
Nonchalant but I'm persistent
I can get any bitch I want
But I'm so motherf*ckin' picky
I'm a very picky person been like that since I was hurtin'
You can't tell me anything, you gotta be for certain

In the strip club chillin' so nonchalant...

I'm a fed target, on the red carpet
In a whip so new valet scared to park it
Not a average artist, an elaborate artist
My collabs turn locals to established artists
In the strip club chillin' so nonchalant
Cause all these hoes bleed once a month (huh)
I give a chick a couple hundred just to leave me alone
A little hush money so she don't ask me none
I still get love from the EA (six)
But I got no love form the DA
I see the DJ run it back like a punt return
I guess I still get love from the DJs
But I got no love for you f*ckboys
You still caught up in the he-say she-say
I send love to my niggas on lock down
A lot of them ain't got no release date
The J's love it how I whip it
Bitch say that she in love with my mixtapes
Baby if you love me like you say that you do
Then you'll take these ten bricks to your ribcage
All the young niggas call me a OG
But I don't reminisce about the old days
I don't want nothin' old but a bankroll
I outgrew oldschools at a young age (its wop)

In the strip club chillin' so nonchalant...

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