Gucci Mane - North Pole Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

North Pole Lyrics
It's big Gucci! Damn! Bling! Balow!

Red falcons hat, all red hooded
Santa clause of the city, bag full of goodies
50 pints of purple drank, came with the seal
I wish these faggot ass cops will let a nigga live

So many hundred dollar bills that'll give you chills
A bad bitch from Brazil got her own appeal
You wake up see her cooking cookies in your crib
I'm the brick squad boss, I'm like Santa Clause
Misses clause on the pole, with her panties off
And I know when you're sleeping know when you awake
No eggnog, busting bottles of that ace of spades
Black Versace shades so it's hard to steer
Where's Rudolph red nose when I really need him
A bunch of elves on the team and I gotta feed em
They carry sawed off pumps so it's hard to feed em
I gift wrap a pipe bomb, bring it to your door
Ring the bell sit back and watch the f*cker blow
So how you build the snowman with all this melted snow
Santa clause bringing blocks in from Mexico
I made a hundred thousand dollars and the Texaco
They locked me up and let me out I feel like Plexico
I'm going in on these suckers call me santa clause
And it's a bunch of bad bitches in Santa house
An igloo full of snow and a white stove
I'm in the kitchen cooking dope in a white robe
House full of naked hoes snortin blow
I'm in zone 6 aka the north pole
It's so lonely at the top plus it's real cold
My ears, neck, wrist fist is real froze
A house full of hoes and they cooking blow
I'm in zone 6 aka the north pole.

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