Gucci Mane - No Smoke Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

No Smoke Lyrics
Why you flexin' boy you don't want no smoke...

Keep on taking these picture holding these straps but you a non smoker
You ain't no gun toter, pussy you ain't no real soldier
You ain't make your enemy buy black roses
Now the young nigga head smokin'
Nigga stop that pump fakin' who the f*ck is you Tom Brady?
My young niggas dumb crazy, might snatch your old lady
You ain't shot nobody nigga
Doin all that, we ain't scared of nobody nigga
Mac 90 with a telescope
Man I thought you were supposed to sell the dope
Then why the f*ck is you filmin' it
Finger f*ckin' my F&H
Baby lets get intimate
Just like a gangster nigga, just like a gentleman
Dressed like a gentleman

Why you flexin' boy you don't want no smoke...

My shooters they don't pose for pictures
They ain't doin' no rappin nigga
You ain't hit no licks, you ain't sold no bricks
You ain't did no trappin' nigga (no)
These rappers [?]
I'm headed my M&M
I don't need no niggas to like me, bitch I'm a grown man
Let me give you a lesson, Guwop I'm bouldercrestin'
You and all them non smokers go to the non smokin' section
We see them choppers blammin', f*ck all that instagrammin'
You think you was killin' Cam Newton the way that nigga scramblin'
It's yo life you gambling
Bout to cause a stampedge
Hoe in the club tryna run away from me
Better have a plan B, you understand me
Gucci don't care bout no nigga living
Don't care if you nine feet

Why you flexin' boy you don't want no smoke...

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