Gucci Mane - Odd Ball Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Odd Ball Lyrics
It's Guwop!

Oddball, oddball
Baby girl you know that you's an oddball
F*ck with you you know that I'm an oddball
VVS' in my ears are golf balls (bling bling!)
Oddball, oddball
My money getting so old I need some moth balls
My motor's in my trunk I drive a weird car
I'm a trap star I'm labeled as an odd ball
Oddball, oddball
Body suit on like catwoman she know she [?]
And her booty so big it's hard to take her pants off
She an oddball she know that I'm an oddball

[Verse 1 - Gucci Mane:]
Ain't it odd that I drive a Dodge I'm in love with Dodge
Got a Challenger and Charger and I'ma need a charge
For my Lamb and my green Ferrari and I missed a top
And her hips look like Nicki Minaj, smoke blunts with my Glock
Hickory Dickory, special delivery
A box full of currency it's Gucci I'm mailing me!
Allegedly I buy Ferraris and special accessories
No interior decorator but I got curtains in my Bentley jeep


[Verse 2 - OJ Da Juiceman:]
[?] in a Beemer
Odd ball with the lean-a
In a red two seater
On the pedal is a creature
Smoking thousand dollar reefer
[?] diamonds should be illegal
Freddy hit my phone, sent a hundred thousand Keishas
Quarter million dollars on an all orange Fisker
Body suit, catwoman, I had to go fishing
Somebody girl finna end up missing
Mean mugging us cause his bitch want pictures!


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