Gucci Mane - On The Reg Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

On The Reg Lyrics
[Intro - Gucci Mane:]
On the regular
Cause I'm not regular
This beat ain't regular
My style ain't

[Hook - Gucci Mane:]
Walking magic city on the motherf*cking regular
(Regular, Regular)
I throw up money, king of diamonds, Monday on the regular
(Regular, Regular)
Jamaican kush I'm rolling up, cause I don't f*ck with regular
(Regular, Regular)
Import my hoes from overseas, cause all my hoes ain't regular
(Regular, Regular)

[Verse 1 - Gucci Mane:]
All my hoes regular, all my hoes are purdy
Absurd with these nouns and verbs. I be squeezing words
That ain't words. That seem crazy to you, but it still appeal
My dog, you got thirty years if you don't appeal
I don't need a deal, cause I cash out on the regular
I don't deal with debit cards, I don't f*ck with credit ones
All I do is talk money, cause Gucci got et cetera
Kicked out my competitors, so ain't nobody better, bruh
Baby girl like regular, all normal niggas scared of her
But everything I do is abnormal, my life is spectacular
Don't know what attracted her, but I got a bachelor pad
And I got your girlfriend, cause you laying down, I beating her


[Verse 2 - Gucci Mane:]
Gucci Mane la flair, extra-ordinaire
Player, leave you choosing like a bear
At the f*cking county fair
I swear that it ain't fair, cause I know that he a square
When we gonna take our places, baby I can take you there
And no, you not prepared when I walk up in the 'were
Could have come from a whole 'nother hemisphere
Now let's get it clear, all these diamonds in my ear
Make it hard for me to steer when you're kissing down there
I had a blast last night, I had to tip the driver
Cause the shit I've seen last night could have been on MacGuyver
Doors suicidal, so that shit was homicidal
You never seen the ghost? I guess you never seen me riding


[Verse 3 - Gucci Man:e]
She can't fit in my schedule
Because that shit she got ain't special, bruh
I guess it's kind of scary to her
Because that shit I do ain't usual
Yeah, I smash her on the casual
My money make me more attractable
But this shit ain't nothing non-negotiable
This Bricksquad crew and we ain't sociable
She wanna elope. No! I'm dragging my flip, bro
Who say I'm not a heart breaker telling a sad joke?
Ain't regular, no way, I'm tipping up, ballet
I need some green cards, Immigrants in my driveway


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