Gucci Mane - On The Way Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

On The Way Lyrics
[Hook: MPA Duke]
My country boys on the way, I'm finna serve 'em
I want you to hold this K, and don't act nervous
Got them goons around me, and they workin'
We gettin' them birds in, and that's for certain
He claim that he a boss but he never took a loss
Playin' both sides, that's the shit'll get yo' ass offed
Got some shooters on the buggy, they'll kill yo' ass for nothin'
Run up on you wit' that carbon, empty clip into his necklace
They vicious!

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
Them bitches naked washin' dishes
She like my lifestyle, she say we live too relentless
Two thousand for my Gators, them bitches look itchy
Bitches got bunks and I'm rich like Donald Trump
Ridin' round wit' that pump, pockets look like a lump
Weed smellin' like skunk, blunts big as a stump
Bitches wan' f*ck Young Thug and they wanna f*ck uncle unc
Thugger not wit' the bullshit, baby, I just want fun
Ballin' all in the lobby, baby, I came up on midgets
Nah, we not gettin' pulled over but my whole crew got them tickets
Baby, I'm YSL, I know you come to the funeral
Nah, I'm not psychic but I got powers just like Yu-Gi-Oh!


[Verse 2: MPA Duke]
I'm in the front of the line like the muhf*ckin' hearse do
I know Thugga killed verse 1, I'm bout to kill verse 2
DK in the new Ferrari, damn, we ridin' round the lobby
We so high off life, and we ain't got no f*ckin' options
Reel them ducks in, we call it goin' fishin'
Washin' machine all that money, we call it cleanin' dishes
Makin' birds take a bath, we call it shavin' pigeons
And I ain't PeeWee Longway but ya ho know I'm dealin'
Swear I'm cold-hearted, I don't got no feelings
In that new drop top, I don't got no ceiling
The roof is absent, ball like I got cancer
I'm the man in Atlanta, ask yo' favorite dancer


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