Gucci Mane - Pour Some More Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Pour Some More Lyrics
[Hook: x2]
The bitches on the stage I'm a keep tipping
The pints on deck I'm a keep sipping
Roll up, roll up, hold up, hold up
I'm so froze up, I might throw up
Crack a seal and pour a four up
Kill that cup and pour some more

[Verse 1:]
I'm rocking retros with the cargos
I sell so many bricks, I need a barcode
All the vatos in the hood they call me Pablo
Cause I can cook a half a kilo with my eyes closed
I'm in a Lambo' Murcielago
But what's ironic to me is the fact I drive slow
I try to put my dick so deep it touched her tonsils
I'm just an OG in the hood just like your uncle
And I'm shittin' on these niggas like a portable potty
And a brand new Bugatti, mixin Sprite in narcotics
Young nigga super cocky and my verse is melodic
Crazy paint on the Bentley it look like it hypnotic


[Verse 2:]
Cooking dope and trust a tree, yeah I got the recipe
East Atlanta nigga so I never let you handle me
Hotter than a candle be, straight A, new Jeep Cherokee
My new girlfriend is blackanese, and I run with a bunch of thieves
Your baby momma send me in Lenox and tried to tackle me
I done got so famous, I can't even eat at Applebee's
I don't give a damn 'bout no nigga say he out rapping me
50 pints of drank in the trap, I want a stack a piece
Three naked hoes in the room, they want a stack a piece
It's twenty thousand just so my goons can sip some Ace with me
Two Ferraris parked at my house, who wanna race with me?
Pick a ticket, let's see who wins to have a date with me
It's Gucci


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