Gucci Mane - Put Yourself In My Shoes Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Put Yourself In My Shoes Lyrics
[Hook x2:]
Put yourself in my shoes
Sellin' weed since high school
Put yourself in my shoes
Rolls-Royce in my house shoes
Put yourself in my shoes
No one really likes you
They scared to stand beside you
Put yourself in my shoes

[Verse 1:]
Put yourself in my shoes
Whole lot of them tattoos
Put yourself in my shoes
Nothin but G's in my crew
Put yourself in my shoes
Have your ass with IVs
Have your ass in the trees, playin' round with my cheese
Once a billionaire bitch I may not be
F*ck what a player hater say about me
Bad bitches always lay around me
Gotta have an AK around me
Nigga like to play, but ain't playin' on me
Damn if a nigga say he layin' on me
I'mma keep a Glock here faithfully
When the police call, just say it ain't me
Your girl is a freak every day of the week
Take it or leave or leave it to me
You gave her a junkie, you gave her a key
You can give her a whip, but don't give her to me
Some of these niggas be breakin' her off
Some of these niggas be f*ckin' her free
Hatin' is rampant, it's like a disease
'95 Air Max on my feet (Gucci!)

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
Better check yourself 'fore you wreck yourself
Better cool your tone, better watch your step
Shoulda brought your tone, gotta use your phone
You gambled with your life, you done bet yourself
God bless my health and increase my wealth
All my energy, and all my breath
Gotta lotta enemies, don't wear skinny jeans
I'm a stylist of a star cause I dress myself
Don't need your help, I can dress myself
Gotta big gun, I protect myself
You niggas better come like a hundred deep
Cause there's 200 shots in this shit here
Pistol talkin' loud and clear
Tryna make it disappear
Ain't come to fight, ain't come to talk
I came to get you outta here
Pussy niggas don't keep it real, faker than a three-dollar bill
2004 was such a year, I think I sold 10 million pills
Pushing weight, I body build
Vacuum sealed a couple mil
Plug just sent so many bills
I'm walking in the club and I brought my scale!

[Hook x2]

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