Gucci Mane - Real Dope Boy Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Real Dope Boy Lyrics
[Verse 1 - PeeWee Longway:]
Real dope boy whip hard chicken with the egg beater
Bricks stay [?], boy I'm tripping with the E
No lettuce in my bank but real monefa
Smoking up the pound, OG Reefer
The judge say I got a real dope boy description
All in the courtroom, on the mud sipping
8 in the morning, on the molly, liquor tripping
D boy shit, young nigga double clipping
On the road, we're street finessing and juuging, oh
Gucci prints for all my children, oh
Big Guwop one dope ass nigga
Pour mud up and sipped up nigga
[?] chain, he must be doped up nigga
I'm no sleep gang, why you even up my nigga
Unload the truck my nigga, just caught me a duck
Call up, in New York, trust a dope boy's script all on my [?]
I'm a real dope boy, so you know what's up
Gucci and Scooter on my side with the U-Haul truck
We ain't moving nobody, we bout to move some bucks
We ain't moving nobody, bout to move some bucks
Count up, count up

[Hook - Young Scooter:]
Real dope boys, real dope boys
Black and Migo Gang, Brick Squad, real dope boys
Real dope boy, real dope boy
Money, power, ammunition means you a dope boy
Real dope boy, real dope boy
Don't you touch that pot if you can't whip that dope boy
Real dope boy, real dope boy
Never seen a brick, that means you ain't no dope boy

[Verse 2 - Young Scooter]
26, bought 12 inch rims, if 12 pulls up, let's do it
Your dope it jump out the gym but my dope it might break the rim
We don't use a fork, you know Spook, he might shake the pot
Hundred thousand cap and I ain't have to cook a f*cking rock
Dope boy certified, I put work on any block
In the trap we satisfied, listen, you could learn a lot
Killing on the road, road running, I done lost a lot
I Wiz Khalifa bricks, tailor them, I got remix shop
You ain't no dope boy, you ain't got no dope boy
My partner Longway a real dope boy
You claim to be a boss, you a ho boy
Every day of the year I got dope boy


[Verse 3 - Gucci Mane:]
I like my dope Peruvian, all my niggas shooting
I ball but I ain't hooping, you can call me Mark Cuban
My earrings is a movie, my watch is filled with rubies
My niggas stick together, getting this money like we Jewish
She almost got the ring, but I ain't finna do it
I cut her from the team, she had a check, she blew it
I like my hoes exotic, I like my shoes exclusive
I'm pouring fours now but I used to pour deuces
I throw grenades now but I used to shoot Uzis
I'm lying in a 44, 2 on [?]
I'm back making old school trap boy music
It's Gucci Mane, the schooler, so the work can't lose it


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