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Gucci Mane Lyrics

Recently Lyrics
Recently I approach, the microphone, cause I ain't no joke
Recently I approach, the microphone, because I ain't no joke
Recently, recently, recently, recently...

[Gucci Mane]
She want to sex me of course
Cause I pull up in a Porsche
I make love to the money
But she get moist off my voice
Got a shit load of hundreds
Got a bag full of loud
Got a hand full of 20's
I threw that shit in the crowd
I'm playing 50 and Gucci
Don't play with 50 or Gucci
Cause they got goonies that do you
That hit your ass with the uzi
All my fans protest at my most recent arrest
I smoke nothing but the best
Here a toast of success
And little mama want to creep with me
I know she want to sleep with me
It gotta be the g in me
Cause ain't no R&B in me
Mr. Icecream man call me Mr. TMZ
Like a blindfolded man niggas ain't seeing me
It's Gucci

[Gucci Mane - Chorus]
I just brought a drop just recently
I killed the parking lot just recently
I just brought a whip just recently
I made another flip just recently
I just bust a check just recently
I bust a bad bitch just recently
I'm screaming out "who want a piece of me?!"
I just got a deal just recently

[50 Cent]
50 and Gucci nigga this shit equals bread
homie f*ck with the paper, I'm trying to take off your head
we get the check from the music, we get the cash from the track
when it comes to the money nigga we right where its at
where it at! where it at! where it at! where it at! here it is!
the sickest shit, we filthy f*cking nigga rich
always on some crazy shit, blame it on some baby shit
Lambo round that autobahn, speeding like i bought a lot
ain't got to talk to get a bitch, what you think we bought it for
catch me riding solo, you know I got the strap
that pistol like them pills hoe you know I'm popping that
I hit that button on your block and drop the top on my convertible
I'm known to find a nosey rat but ain't nobody heard of you
they call me king, cha-ching that money coming in
man everything I seen is over cause I'm hood
my pinky ring, that's stacks, man that's a hundred rats
the way it bling makes dope boys want to move crack


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