Gucci Mane - Replay (Skit) Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Replay (Skit) Lyrics
[Intro: Young Dolph]
Yeah, ahaaaaa, heyyyy

[Verse: Young Dolph]
Designer, yeah
Diamonds in my watch, diamonds in my ear
You know what I whip me, nigga, this for real
This shit here ain't no secret, you know what the deal
My nigga you know the deal
I beat your bitch over there while you mad
These niggas broke, that's why I laugh
All this money on me, that's why I sag
Throw 'em in the garbage, these niggas trash
News flash, I get quick cash
Just know I ain't doin' no excercise
When you see me out with these gym bags
Hold up, wait, now get your shit straight
I had your bitch over in my spot last night
Took her out, then skeeted all over her face
She going, she going, she gone
I dropped baby momma until she couldn't stand up
Then I lit my weed up, now it's time to roll
I f*cked the shit out of your bitch yesterday
'till she couldn't stand straight
She call me earlier, ask me can she call me, get a replay
Walk up in the club, DJ got my shit on replay
I told my plug nigga keep this shit call me, put on replay
Replay, replay, everything on replay
Y'all know how we play, everything on replay
Replay, replay, my whole life on replay
Replay, replay, my nigga it's still replay

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