Gucci Mane - Scarface Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Scarface Lyrics
Tell the dj give a f*ck bout what the judge say
I never mind the pussy nigga in the first place
I staff a hundred can't wait just for the court case
And out a tattoo on my face so now I'm scarface
Scarface, I put a hundred on you head if you
Scarface, I wanna [?] I don't care what it cost me
Scarface, I put a hundred on your head if you cross me,
Scarface, I wanna [?] I don't care what it cost me

Black cash real dough jumping out on me
I'm on cause keep on rind keep on down the street
The pussy stupid hey jacky he wants some for free
No damn we would [?] no money he would [?] for me
I'd be the ass baby mama couples on me
I got this crab ass nigga tryin smoke for free
Little j jazz told me that he shout his week
But how the f*ck he gonna be shout when I said worse so g
Oh pussy ass nigga you still work for me
The toddy model busta so she work for me
I know some cold bloody killers who got love for me
I kill the real deal goes in the clubs with me
It's gucci


First third and fifty everybody running
All go here asking me the fronting
Come soul on me one time and I call with the [?] a
All hoes don't bring niggas know I'm ignorant
Understand with the zero and putting that [?]
The cars run up and down the [?] doing date time
Light time the same thing niggas for the pay [?]

I burn the hoods down, I shoot up their dopeless
Niggas call me scarface 'cause I gave em reason to
All you get is one sign [?] fool


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