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Servin Lean Lyrics
Rollin' round juugin P's I'm a rollin' pharmacist I'll serve you lean
I'm rollin' round juugin P's I'm a rollin' pharmacist I'll serve you lean

[Verse 1: PeeWee Longway]
I ain't neva seen a nigga like me where he at where he from I'd like to meet him
I'm a rolling stone cookin' with the rolly on 32 shots in my nina
I'm a rolling stone got my rolly pollie on f*ck it not Kafima and Katrina
Shots of gas bags in the beamer
Pussy bald head like leukemia
Watch me set it off like Khadijah
Stuffing my cigar with the diesel
Pull up jump off with the Keisha
See you out dea' I need my money-fa
Puerto Rican don't need a visa
Dope white name Mona Lisa
Frank white head shot Tito
Longway not Carlito
Boot up off the molly I don't f*ck with the easy hoes
Porsche 9-1-1 got it out the repo
Trap house naw bitch I'm trappin' rollin stizzle
Gas bags I got them bitches going for the lizzo
Fake shot glass and have them J's at the dizzo
I'm runnin them I'm a mob boss calling me Sunny
I'm connected with the pharm-ist got them pints by the hundreds
Whole lot of C notes rubberbandin' my hunnits
Still makin drug deals out the trunk of my Honda
Leanin of a double seal like I'm dumber than dumber
Rollin off a molly pill tryna f*ck on your mama

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: PeeWee Longway]
I'm servin you Xanax to lean the neighborhood pharm-ist I'll serve you coedine
My bitch she servin up P's and buy different bags then go by Saline
She speak different languages but she Portuguese
She drop in the fishes then whip it up in grease
My trap house but her name on the lease
We might get married like Nas and Kelis
My bad I'm trippin' I'm back on my G
Mad black the forgies and SRT8 the jeep
Just got an endorsement from servin' the lean
Thanks to extortion I'm cleaning the streets
Double R Royces I roll them in fleets
My trap house stay rollin' I'm never off beat
I'm baggin up pounds to a new C Note beat
Trapper and rapper still strapped with them hammer
(I make the dope dance like I'm MC Hammer [x2])
Chopin' up pharmists I'm servin you the grammar
And lean I get it from over the counter
Chopin' up pharmists with cameras like Tony Montana
And choppas with clips like bananas

[Chorus x2]

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