Gucci Mane - She Thinks I Love Her Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

She Thinks I Love Her Lyrics
From your ear to you neck
Do your...
I'm gonna make you feel like
You're sexy and you're grown
Seen your boyfriend in...
I'll call him on the phone
Tell hime Gucci Mane has said
You ain't coming home

I'll catch your...
By all the boys
But not the...
... we never meet...
We won't cook, won't clean
Won't put up a fire

Al we do it's smoke weed for all these...
For two more hours I'm so committed
She gives me...

I can be what your boyfriend ain't
Let me find the little spot...
Let me be everything everything girl
Everything you want me
Baby ask me
I'll take you everywhere you ain't been
I'll spin/spend a paper that it just can spin
Oh baby where we should begin

... You can call it blind date
Once I get them I spend them
Don't remember a face

Won't you want your own place
Baby come and send you grace
I can be your break
Let me smash you like a...
Oh oh Look at her pretty little face


... I know your classy
But I still feel like a freak
... Uu I got a black car
You can smash it up

Basby's a machine
Cause she did a whole team
Try to come clean


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