Gucci Mane - So Much Money Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

So Much Money Lyrics
[Intro: Gucci Mane]
I ain't tryna fall out with money
I ain't tryna fall out with money
I just wanna ball out with money
And I ain't tryna fall out with money

[Hook: Gucci Mane]
I've got so much money on me
I've got so much money on me
I've got so much money on me
I've got so much money on me
I ain't tryna fall out with money
I ain't tryna fall out with money
I get so much money
I'm standin' here with so much money

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
I got model money, show money, plus I'm gettin' that dope money
I might get your ho money, yeah, if she a snow bunny
Grow house 'dro money, nick/dime slow money
Glock 9, kick doors, bitch, I need some more money
I ain't that old, but my bank roll keep a fleet of young hoes
Smokin' on the big 'dro, they cook dope
Gucci cut dope, used to stay next door to his kinfolk
Limousine tint, bitch, pourin' up your rent money
Pour it up 'til it turn purp', 50 Cent money
All my goons, yeah they on alert, get ya murked money
I'm in Dallas livin' f*ckin' lavish, I got Dirk money (swish!)
Caesar's Palace, yeah I let 'em have it, I got work, pocket
Homie ain't got a cent to his name, he ain't got money
He a lame, ain't no one to blame, got cocaine money
Gucci, I got white money, brown money, green money
Nigga, you a lame, just blind, never seen money



[Verse 2: Chief Keef]
That bitch ask what time it is - it's 10: 17
I keep big Ben Frank bankrolls... in my Robin's jeans
You've got 30 f*cking problems if you think 'bout robbing me
I got get-a-nigga-whacked money, and they'll go overseas
Cops pull me over in daylight, jeez...
'Cause I've got so much money on me
And I've got a QP with me
That's why I've got so much bond money on me
And I've got this nina with me
With this dirty clip, hope it don't jam on me
But you'd better pray for your life, bruh
When you're runnin' from me
Bimmer cost a hundred some Gs
Plus still got Ferrari money on me
And I feel like T-U-P-A-C, K All eyes on me
CEO of GBE - G-L-O-G-A-N-G
I'm a lean over all day every day
I've got so much cake on me
I smoke so much Stunner
And I count so much money
I never pick a ho with my money
I'm gettin' money, way to go, my money...


[Verse 3: Gucci Mane]
So much molly... I done took so much molly...
I can't even feel my body...
So much molly I can't feel my body...
This party 'bout to turn into an orgy
See... in here, it's just one me
I'm leanin', drank so much Codeine
Promethazine, think I'm 'bout to OD
I think I need to smoke some weed 'cause I'm really geekin'
It's Tuesday, I'm freakin', but we listenin' to The Weeknd
I'm tryna mix this Vietnamese with this Puerto Rican
This fine Cali bitch'll let me sneak this Georgia peach in
"Good grief, I can't breathe, can we take a break?"
She'll suck your dick through your briefs, eat beef like a steak
She put my dick on a plate, then she said her grace
She said that money make her cum, she love the way I'm paid


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