Gucci Mane - Speed Bumps Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Speed Bumps Lyrics
[Intro - Gucci Mane:]
(Mike Will Made It)
It's Gucci!
Mike Will

I'm in the kitchen cooking babies in my long johns
3 Swishers put together, that's a long one
I got a Bankhead bitch
That bitch from Zone 1
I said the trappin' gonna catch up in the long run
I'm in the kitchen tryna make it do the long jump
Big knots in my jeans, look like speed bumps
Look like speed bumps, look like speed bumps
Big knots in my jeans, look like speed bumps

[Verse 1 - Gucci Mane:]
I swear I seen it
You never seen it
I really seen it
1017 and what's the meanin'
Y'all really mean it
The cleaners
Blocks in your tires and you can't peek the meters
When I scream it
I really mean it, won't see the evening
Man, I'm freezing
So f*ck the cold, and I got the sneezies
There for seasons
These stripper hoes will suck me till I'm sleepin'
Leaving Magic, I'm drunk as f*ck, so you know we weavin'
Ain't no secret
You niggas know that I don't f*ck with Jeezy
It was tragic, wars everywhere, they say the boy was bleeding
It was easy
I eat yo crew up like some Reese's Pieces
This is street shit
So once you say this shit you can't delete it
Twice a week, bitch
My plug would pull up, and drop me off the pieces


[Verse 2 - Gucci Mane:]
I bought all of the sessions, ain't no sessions left
A 150 bottles, but I'm by myself
I'm fresh as hell
Pocket full of dollar bills
On the real, I buy the deal
I push weight like I'm in the gym
You better chill
Before I kidnap and ransom one of your relatives
And when that pistol in your face
You have no choice, you better kill
None of y'all niggas got better dope
None of y'all niggas got better pills
Y'all don't know about popping seals
[?] re-rocking squares
It's Gucci Man and Mike Will
So you chillin' with a bunch of players
Say that you a gangsta bitch
But came in with a bunch of squares
Louboutin's with pony hair
Imagine with money belt
All wasted standing on furniture


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