Gucci Mane - Squad Car Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Squad Car Lyrics
[Hook x2: Gucci Mane]
Woop woop
Goddamn, that's a squad car
Woop woop
Goddamn, that's a squad car
Woop woop
Goddamn, that's a squad car
Woop woop
But all my niggas, we got Bonfill

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
Bail money, bail money
Yea bitch, I got bail money
Smellin' like the jail and I know I look Hell, honey
You say that that's your friend
It's just another nigga that gon' tell on you
I'm a street nigga, and my girl ain't street
But I talk so slick she fell for me
Locked up since last Sunday,
Someone please got the bail bondsman
Strapped up like Charles Branson
These four niggas ain't gon' do nothing
Lock, Pope, Game, they be bluffin'
Softer than a blueberry muffin
Shoot first but I ain't askin questions
Selling drugs is my profession
Selling dope by the Best Western
Strapped up with my Smith & Wesson
To the bridge, it's Cameron, Texas
Drive it in or UPS it
T bricks and I'm driving reckless
All the dope that I get, I stretch it
Going overboard, I met my match
Severing hands to send a message

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Big Bank Black]
Just got jammed up on some bullshit
Court day, it ain't til the 26th
On the phone right now with the button car
Got my old lady stressed 'cause I pitch a fix
Ready go ready go ready go right now
Got a check on me bitch come get me now
Got a warrant on my ass, come get me Feds
If I'm full flyin off they gon hide my ass
Can't sit down now, I got too much goin'
I got three trap houses, I got five hoes hoeing
Plus nigga walked and he wrecked the game
Came for the cash, he can f*ck the fame
Sit back just chillin sippin dirty shit
Tryna keep OG from murkin shit
Tryna keep Electrode from takin shit
Young Scooter gotta rush that rapist shit

Woop woop
Turn off, it's a road
Woop woop
Hit the gas nigga, don't stop
Woop woop
If they get close nigga you better pop
You can't go to jail, we got 20 blocks

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: OG Boo Dirty]
I get lots of dope, I f*ck lots of hoes
Ten thousand a show, is spend no get we on the go
My son just afloat, I just pull the 4
Louie to the floor, start sittin on 24's
Young mob in my city, brig squad cause I'm chip
If we beat them then I leave the house, well that's advance
All my niggas trained to kill like Steven Seagal
Grab niggas like Duvall, my niggas will shoot ya'll
40k off in this levi's
Money standing knee high
Been trappin since I was nee, I poured my drink and I...
1.5 in my stairs, f*ck five-o but I'm trappin out
A young nigga said don't go
And that key over my logo

[Hook x2]

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