Gucci Mane - Stand 4 It Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Stand 4 It Lyrics
"What's happenin' homie?"
"Hey man, get the valet man"
"Man slide me down right here in the front, man"
"Got yo 5 homie, nigga"
"Big Guwop"

[Verse 1:]
I make a 100K a day, that's a slap in the face
Me and Scooter ball in Vegas, just like Puffy & Mase
You know the way that Gucci play, don't make me go in my safe
I wore my Louboutin's once, and then I throw 'em away
I'm drinkin' Chandon, Sean John all in the day
This champagne and peach Ciroc, it got me higher than space
I said grace and drink my breakfast
Yeah a pint of the grape
Cook up a half a brick for lunch, and then I gave it away
I fornicate with my trigger, bring my scrap to the date
I duct tape your feet and legs, you won't wear nothin' but tape
They think I got a weight problem I get so much cake
You niggas hatin on the 'wop, that's a female trait
I sell a million dollar verse, get your Gmail straight
I sixteen so hard it make your heart vibrate
Charger knockin pictures off the wall, there's no earthquake
They tried to kill my partner Rick Ross on his birthday

They say life is a bitch
But Gucci paying cash for it
Momma stressing hard
Cause she can't pay the landlord
I can never snitch
My family they don't stand for it
And I wasn't born rich
But being broke I just can't stand for

I stand on what I said nigga
That's just what I stand for
My young nigga jump overboard
That's just what I stand for
All my niggas trappin' hard
That's just what I stand for
My chopper is my body guard
That's just what I stand for

[Verse 2:]
I bought a Buick Regal, man and I didn't have a license
Used to catch the buster walking just to buy my Nikes
I knew you'd turn pussy nigga I guess that makes me psychic
Got 100 young niggas with me all these niggas strapped
I ain't tryin' to diss your momma, but I bet your son won't try me
And your momma may not tell you, but I bet your sister like me
I'm like Tyson in his prime, man but I'm not with the fightin'
Yellow lightning on my wrist, my Roley's bigger than a Breitling
Just rolled a ounce up in I bought some [?]
I'm King Midas bitches say your higness
Cause I'm draped diamonds
Call me smokey because I'm rocking ice cubes [?]
And if you love me, lke you say you love me baby hit the highway


[Hook x2]

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