Gucci Mane - Stone Cold Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Stone Cold Lyrics
With every breath that's left in mine
Drinking liquor by my self I got rich all by my self
Let her know I got a stone cold grind
I'm a young black millionaire east atlanta all mine
Vocal booth I turn into a gold mine
I'm throwing money in the club cause the girls are so fine
Check my grind I got a real sharp grind
I'm in the V.I popping bottles and the girls are all dimes

Follow my philosophy
I be everywhere
But I failed in world geography
I'm a millionaire
Gucci I'm so f*cking cocky
My wrist so f*cking rocky
These haters wanna stop me
But I won't let them stop me
Throwing money in the club
Just so the hoes can watch me
Lil homie girlfriend jockin me
Her eyes popping out they sockets
A glock 40 in my pocket that's a hot pocket
And I don't microwave it
They like that stove-toppet
What you know bout gucci
Bitch you don't know bout nothing
You can't tell me much
Girl you can't tell me nothing
Ya yelled out such and such
Gucci I'm cool as f*ck
My wrist so f*cking icy I should call my jeweler up (thanks)


This the night it might be the night that I pull up in that poltergeist
Scary car with a scary growl
Sliding down Peachtree like a crocodile
Pink cardinals sitting like? stoopid ice chill what a great feel
Don't feel me yet just wait a minute take a chill pill what the deal is
I'm confident heres a compliment to accept the accomplishment
Be proud of it don't need to spit
I'm young rich and talking shit
So baby girl who you with
Two girls ain't enough that's over with
Real lazy chick I didn't call her back that's punishment
Not seeing me I'm to stevie
I'm so def like jermaine dupree
She obviously in loves with me
Silly bitch f*cking you then she sucking me
It's gucci big gucci
Bouldercrest county road feel me
They be dancing on me diamonds dancing on me
Cause my watch and my ring slow dancing


The girls are all dimes this time
Gucci show that's a real that's a real long line
I'm a shine bright light ssunshine
My frank mueler so bright look you might go blind
I'm a wear my automan this time
When I pull up yto the club hoes better be bi


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