Gucci Mane - Straight Drop Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Straight Drop Lyrics
Straight drop, straight drop
Straight drop, straight drop
I like it when you be on the top, straight drop
Drop that thing just like you're in the pot, straight drop
Straight drop, straight drop
Straight drop, straight drop
Baby girl you know you got that drop, straight drop
She come clean, she never come rerocked

Straight drop, whippin', whippin' water
I cook the dope way different than my father
In the kitchen cookin' like my mama
Straight drop, tryna run on me a comma
Remember when I only had a quarter
Rude boy tryna watch out for the informer
But now I break down all my bales in Ferragamo
Hugo Boss, [?], I just Donald Trump you
Michael Kors sweater with cocaine on the garmet
Woke up in mansion but I grew up in apartment
That used to say [?] they like to start shit
85 thou' on me now, right now, in hundreds


I like it when you be in the top
All I do is make a lot of top
Baby drop it like you're in the pot
Baby girl drop it just like it's hot
I'ma f*ck you with that pussy wet or not
Don't try run right now, I want that twat
I'm the type to beat you all day
Gucci from the block, so I don't play
Drag a bitch to my house like a caveman
Be my sex slave for the day, who wanna trade, man?
Ain't ashamed to say grew up in Section 8, man
If you ever been there like me then say "Amen"


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