Gucci Mane - Stunt Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Stunt Lyrics
Gucci on 8s, 4s, deuces and sixes
30s, deuces, 34s ya trippin
Blowing horse ashantis
Fugates, bugattis, for ones, lambs

Man I'm always stuntin, my money makin money
If I throw the dueces at ya then I showed yo ass a hundred
My soldiers are blunted, yo soldiers ain't nuthin
We'll put ya forehead in yo ass or put your hairline in yo stomach
I'm ridin on Gary Coleman I'm rich like mr. truman
Whatchu doin willis? I say tryna make some money
I'm traveling around the country, I'm touring foreign countries
I'm drivin foreign cars and I'm knockin foreign honeys
A birthday bash in Belgium and a Sunday show in London
I chill like Lauren London in my johnson is a luncheon
She say she got the munchies I'm a try to have a contest
See who has the fattest ass we'll see who go the hardest
You better wear a hard hat cause these bitches out here stuntin
Say they aspiration was to be a baby mama
Maybe get a baby hummer not on me lil mama
I ball out through the winter and I stunt all through the summer

[Hook x2:]
I'mma stunt this summer, I'mma roll me a cup then stunt in front ya
Roll me a blunt cut the trunk up homie, then I stunt on homie

[Tracy T:]
Gucci Gucci all summer, Louis all summer
I'm a I'm a stunt cause I just made me bout a 100
See the white charm? And see the necklace?
With no muscle, that dude be flexin
I'm a got to Lenox, I'm a go to Saks
Cause I turned that 10 piece into like a 20 pack
My gun enormous, my suit like the hornet
None not gon mind to drive it was just parked em
I'm a stunt I'm a stunt cause I got money
Crack rock I can turn a thug into a junkie
Bitches I can get em with no problem and it's nothing
Told her I'm a stunt, I can get you out that Honda
9 millie, 40 cal, 4 5 dumper
For them niggas hating when a young nigga be stuntin
Stunt in front of em, stunt on homie
Nigga I'm a stunt stunt stunt...

I'mma stunt this summer, I'mma roll me a cup then stunt in front ya
Roll me a blunt cut the trunk up homie, then I stunt on homie

Gucci got it, Gucci got it
But you know nothing about it
You still stuck in the projects with no money in yo pocket
I seen you at the party, you still ain't got no car yet?
You passenger seat of your homeboy car, boy that's his main bitch
Man that's some deep shit, some will say weak shit
Yo bitch pussy so deep, it make a nigga seasick
Larty's on fugates, lowy's on the mazze
Vette on Ashantis, bitches in the party
Bitches in the lobby, we kickin just like sake
Benihana sake sake monotoly backe
Gucci Gucci Gucci mane or call me Gucci race
The million dollar man, call me Gucci deveoci
72 cutlass 350 rocket, so much money wish I had 50 pockets
72 cutlass 350 rocket, so many pockets, so many gualas gualas

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