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Swole Pocket Shawty Lyrics
Honorable C.N.O.T.E
Album Time
Big Gucci

Yo boyfriend's a peon
He pull up and limp
Got a L
From a realm
Of free funds
I'm ridin' down east
Ponce de leon
Your album was trashcan
I roll weed on your album
I'm the first nigga in Atlanta
Put 6" on phantom
*swish* *swish*
Big Shot
Try to trade nose up
You done missed out
Big Guwop
*'wop* *'wop*
Bring the trap world
Back for hip hop
Done fooled y'all niggas
Y'all niggas ball small
I ball too loyal
Chicago royal
Cuz all my cars
Got bot beats on em
And bein in it
With paint on em
Its so good to hold my eat on it
I off a nigga from my office
Track ya ass like a tracklist
Grab ya ass like a chiropractor
Push yo neck and yo back and yo pelvis
I loan ya money with interest
Cuz you ain't in my best interest
I left the clique with injuries
Better pray there weren't no memories
I'm number one shoota
Come rent me
I get a nigga wet for a small fee
*whack em*
Smoke a nigga air like a half a p
Then pour me a big cup of coffee
And I'm feelin' like Master P '93
Tell 'er yo *bitch* bitch get off me

[Chorus x2:]
Swole Pocket Shawty
I don't wanna be your friend shawty
Tell that girl to come here darling
Go somewhere and have her own party
Now *Now*
You listen, I'm talking
Whatchu gonna do with your friends, shawty?
Got one seat, and more ten, shawty?
You gonna choose me or choose them, shawty

I got that Kobe Bryant Smith'n'Wesson
Shoot first I'm not askin' questions
You'd think this an ole Western
Cuz I got my secret weapon *pow*
Lose your life a split second
Top drop off then boot 'n neck it
Molly got me energetic
Sport f*ckin for fifty minute
My, my, my
Like new addition
Voice em in like Mike Duda
I sprung a Benz watchin' tha Simpsons
On crib road I got cruel intentions
Hit El Manor took two capsules
In a fast chevelle with air condition
My can am faster then your grand am
I don't give a goddamn
Shorts so tight how you get in 'em
I'm the phantom of the opera
Never met Oprah
Still ain't find Hoffa
And you don't look hopeful
Spiked out loafers
Mixin' up sodas
Sprite so dark
That it look like doda
Tryin' ta see how many
Y'all fit in my roller
Picked her up in the car
She ain't never seen Rover
Niggas is crazy
My watches by polar
I turn off my music to listen to my motor

[Chorus x2]

*Getcha* *Getcha*

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