Gucci Mane - Take My Life Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Take My Life Lyrics
[Hook x2: Quavo]
Try to take my life, try to take my life
Try to take my life, try to take my life
Can't do it
Try to take my life, try to take my life
Try to take my life, try to take my life
I ain't lose it

[Verse 1: Quavo]
These niggas want to take my life
These niggas trying to take my ice
Can't do it, I ain't losing
Don't get mad cause your bitch choosing
And I put her ass in the Jacuzzi
Drop top Audi me and her coolin'
Migo gang ain't nobody loosing
I got money stacked up to the ceiling
Motherf*cker nigga f*ck your feelings
Migo gang 1017 we winning
Nigga want to take my life


[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
It was 1993 when I was jumped out the Porsche
When niggas was killing niggas just for wearing a pair of Jordans
Was a short little darkskin nigga but I was [?]
It was so hard I wished my momma [?]
When I first started selling dope I had no f*cking choice
Used to be a corner boy now I drive a Rolls Royce
I got girls I got guap but I ain't your motherf*cking boy
I serving dog food nigga like I'm feeding a f*cking child
See me shining right now, got these diamonds on me now
Got a pistol on me now, you can't run up on me now
On my hood pride and joy, you gon' rob me nigga how
F*ck nigga try to hold me down but I keep smoking up on that loud
And I tote that gat around like you tote your hat around
And I'm the boss, before you talk to me I make them pet you down
Find your head in the lost and found f*cking around with rounds
You the king what that make me if I take a nigga crown


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